domingo, 6 de agosto de 2023

Home Free:

I’m heading off alone but you should know
I’m leaving you behind but you’re with me where I go
You’ve been good to me, and far as I can see
I never would have got here on my own

You taught me how to work and how to play
You taught me how to cuss and how to pray
You showed me wrong from right, when to stand and fight
And when it’s time to walk away

So Long Dixie, it’s time to let you go
It’s awful hard to do with roots this strong
You’re just on the wrong end of a one way road
I know you’ll always echo in my song
I’ve loved you in my way
That’s why it hurts to say, so long

I sure as hell ain’t saying I’m ashamed
I’m proud of where I was born and how I was raised
You can’t erase the past, but it ain’t meant to last
And it’s time we start to learn from our mistakes

Y adiós a tí también, Jason Aldean. No nos gustan los linchadores, del viejo Sur, ni de ningún otro lugar!!